ZERO DOWN and FAST APPROVAL  for Projects Under $7.5M

Oil & Gas Equipment

The Oil & Gas industry in the United States has exploded with a rush to our own energy independence. This means new equipment, new wells, new infrastructure, equipment transport and monitoring equipment.

IT / Computer Equipment

We can fund your next purchase of Computers, Hardware, Servers, Cloud Support, Phone Systems, or Software fast and without any hassles. Specialists in complex Oracle and Cisco software purchases and maintenance

LED Lights & Installation

As technical advances continue to evolve, so does the need for any and all business to upgrade to LED lighting for cost savings, longevity and the reduced costs to operate. Warehouses to Office Buildings, retail to home. We finance them all

Construction Equipment

Commercial or large residential contractors all need quality equipment to get the job done right and as quickly as possible. We are ready to fund all of your construction equipment needs for today as well as the future..

Power Equipment

At Equipment we are experts in the financing and leasing of Power Generation Equipment. We will finance equipment from any manufacture such as: Siemens, Caterpillar, Cummins, Stewart & Stevenson, and dozens of other top manufacturers.

Manufacturing Equipment

The food processing and food packaging industries rely on the latest and most efficient equipment available. We help them get it! We say YES to all of your manufacturing and packaging equipment needs.



  • Installation & Training Costs Included – It is not uncommon in a lease to be able to bundle all of your install and training costs into the lease.
  • 100% Lease Financing - Little or no down payment allows you to retain working capital for daily needs.
  • Improve and Preserve Cash Flow - A lease often provides a lower monthly payment than traditional financing.
  • Keep Lines of Credit In Place - Avoid last minute financing and keep existing lines in place while using this alternative form of capital.
  • Savings - A well-structured lease often provides an attractive after-tax savings to the cost of ownership of an asset.
  • Fast Funding - Once all of the documents are in place and the funds approved, transactions can be processed and funds available in less than 24 hours.
  • Off-balance Sheet Financing & Tax Advantages - Some leases for equipment are accounted for as rental expense, improving a company’s financial ratios and profitability measures while lowering taxable income.


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