About Us


Equipment Leases is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We service the equipment leasing needs of mid-size businesses market all over the country and abroad. Our expertise beyond  significant financial resources, is understanding the financial needs of mid-level companies and assisting them in obtaining the necessary capital for growth initiatives and increasing top-line revenues. We suggest the CFO or controller of any mid-level company concentrate on growth  and leaving the equipment funding to us. With over $300 Million available for our client capital expenditures and a significant current portfolio, we are always looking for the next partner in need of capital to acquire their needed new or used equipment.

We have experience and an appetite for funding equipment needs in the following areas:

  • IT Equipment and Software
  • Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Material Handling
  • Production and Packaging
  • Food Processing
  • Entertainment and Theaters
  • Office Furniture and Equipment
  • Retail Security or Operational Equipment

We are interested in funding a broad range of equipment from production to construction or oil and gas to IT and everything in between. Even if your equipment needs are complicated we are happy to go to work on your behalf. Our decisions are not based solely on the equipment needed, used verses new, portable verses installed, or past credit history, etc. Our approval process takes into consideration many factors, some of which are not found on a balance sheet or financial statement. Our working  knowledge of the markets and faith in our client along with a sound financial footing create the basis of a long-term working relationship.

What we are not however is a high profile, approved in an hour for any amount, expensive money leasing company. Our services are primarily for the CFO, CEO or Board member of companies that have at least 50-million in revenues and have a specialized equipment need or complex situation to resolve. Give us a chance to look at your project and you may be surprised at our aggressive rates and willingness to fund not only the equipment but the soft costs as well.