Manufacturing Equipment


As a manufacturer, you're always looking for ways to increase output and to improve the quality of your products. One of the best ways to do that is by keeping the latest manufacturing equipment on hand. The problem is that constantly investing in new technologies is prohibitively expensive. That's especially true if you own a small- or medium-sized manufacturing company. Leasing the equipment you need is a practical alternative, and Equipment Leases can help you enjoy the best advantages of doing so.

Why Lease Manufacturing Equipment?

As mentioned above, leasing manufacturing equipment allows you to put new technologies to work for you more easily and effectively. You won't have to sell old equipment in order to buy new equipment. Another point to keep in mind is that taking out loans to buy manufacturing equipment can put your company's credit in jeopardy while leasing the same equipment is considered to be a business expense. You can still enjoy the use of the best equipment without putting your creditworthiness on the line

Here's another thing: Equipment Leases can set you up with a great manufacturing equipment lease with little or no down payment. 100-percent financing is a great perk, and it allows you to hit the ground running. Our team will come up with custom terms for you to ensure that your budgetary and manufacturing needs are met.

Did you know that leasing manufacturing equipment can save you money? In addition to leaving you with more working capital, it opens the doors to exciting tax benefits. Most notably, you can deduct up to $500,000 of your lease costs. This benefit is outlined in Section 179 of the U.S. tax code. Thousands of other businesses take advantage of it, and there's no reason you can't too.

Lease All Types of Manufacturing Equipment

No matter what you manufacture, Equipment Leases can set you up with a lease for the type of equipment that you need. We've helped clients acquire leases for these and other types of manufacturing equipment:

  • Roll formers
  • CNC mills
  • Automatics
  • Metal benders
  • Saws
  • Laser cutters
  • Jig mills
  • CNC lathes

If you're going to lease manufacturing equipment, do so with Equipment Leases. We specialize in client transactions of between $100,000 and $5 million, and our portfolio is worth more than $1.5 billion. We understand the manufacturing business and want to help you realize new heights of success. By contacting us now, you can start leasing the equipment you need in no time.