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Financing equipment for a wide variety of businesses around the country is all we do! We specialize in providing the necessary funding for any business to acquire the machinery and equipment they need to succeed. Perfect credit is certainly not expected here either and we are happy to look at any deal for quality new or used equipment, even if you possibly have less than perfect or even bad credit, we are OK with B -, C or D credit as long as you have a good plan, an operating history and a future that we can believe in. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in since we love Oil & Gas, Mining, Transportation, Manufacturing, and Medical, Retail, Office, Food Processing & Packaging, Transportation including Semi-trucks and trailers and so much more.

We have been servicing the small to medium business market for the past 5-years. We make equipment loans and financing credit decisions based on the business and its potential not only on the strength or weakness of the current financials. We specialize in helping lower credit client’s access capital and modest rates with fast approvals with an easy application process. We also welcome reputable brokers that need to get equipment financing and loans for your clients.


We specialize in the equipment for the following industries:

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