Renewable Energy

wind turbineRenewable Energy Equipment Leasing

Owning a business in the renewable energy industry means that you need to stay at the forefront of the latest technological advances. Without doing so, you can’t hope to maintain a sharp competitive edge. Keeping up with those all-important advances isn’t easy. The biggest hurdle to overcome is actually paying for state-of-the-art renewable energy equipment. Why not lease it instead? Leasing renewable energy equipment comes with many significant benefits. Equipment Leases is the expert when it comes to providing flexible, affordable leases for businesses like yours.

Acquire the Renewable Energy Equipment You Need

You may think that purchasing renewable energy equipment is practical, but nothing could be farther from the truth. In addition to saddling yourself with equipment that you may not be able to pay off for years, you have to part with significant amounts of cash. This reduces the amount of working capital that you have, which makes it tricky to pay for things like inventory, expansion and everyday bills.

You’re sure to be amazed at the many types of renewable energy equipment that can be leased. Equipment Leases can provide you with a lease for these and other types of equipment for the renewable energy industry:

  • Geothermal equipment
  • Wind energy equipment
  • Biomass equipment
  • Green building equipment
  • Photovoltaic equipment

Leasing Renewable Energy Equipment: The Main Advantages

If you’re on the fence about leasing renewable energy equipment, you should consider the most exciting advantages of doing so. For instance, did you know that you can deduct the equipment you lease up to a limit of $500,000? This is made possible by Section 179 of the tax code, and plenty of businesses like yours use it to their advantage.

Leasing equipment allows you to avoid acquiring yet another line of credit. What happens if you need credit for something else but it’s all tied up by equipment loans? With a lease, you don’t have to worry about that. Equipment leases are considered business expenses, which means they don’t affect your credit.

When you lease renewable energy equipment through Equipment Leases, you can upgrade to newer, better equipment as it becomes available. There’s no need to find buyers for your old equipment. You don’t have to put down a massive down payment either.

Start Leasing Renewable Energy Equipment Today

You don’t have to put your credit in jeopardy, put a huge dent in your working capital or put up with other hassles to get top-quality renewable energy equipment. Contact Equipment Leases now to learn more about our flexible leases.